• Backpack Giveaway!

    School is closer than a lot of our kids would like to admit, and the town is looking to make this year a little easier on area families. Centerburg churches and individuals are joining together to provide backpacks full of supplies for kids in need this fall.  The goal is to fill 125 backpacks, approximately… Continue Reading

  • Do I Expect To Meet With God?

    “Low expectations result in little disappointment.” I’ve heard this said a lot when it comes to dealing with other people. It can help you moderate your frustration with someone else when they don’t keep their word, forget commitments, shirk responsibilities, or just make bone-headed decisions. It can help us give grace to others and meet… Continue Reading

  • I Am A Reluctant Worship Leader

    I am a reluctant worship leader. Even though I’ve been on worship teams for more years of my life than I’ve not been on them (crazy!). Even though I lead worship in church almost every Sunday. Even though I’ve had others encourage me in this area. I’m still reluctant. However, in this season, God has… Continue Reading

  • Tidal Wave

    TEENS!  August 2nd at Beulah Beach is a huge day just for you!  Water tubing, jet skiing, sports tournaments, paintballing, beach and pool swimming, concerts, food, it’s got everything! Get on up to the beach for a day!  It only costs $25.  If you’re interested email at the office@centerpointecma.com or let Josh know on Sunday… Continue Reading

  • [Revolution] Magic Mountain Night!

      Important information for this Wednesday! Let’s Go to Magic Mountain! On Wednesday, July 16th, Revolution Youth Group is going to Magic Mountain in Polaris. Here are some of the important details: Leaving the church office at 6:30pm. Don’t be late! Returning to the church office around 9:30pm for pick up. Cost is $17 per… Continue Reading

  • Family Movie Nights!

      This summer we’ll be showing two movies in Bell Park, right outside the church office. July 18th – The Lego Movie August 15th – Frozen Movies start after sunset.

  • [Revolution] Underground Church at the Park!

      Important information for this Wednesday! Underground Church! We are playing Underground Church this Wednesday at Memorial Park from 7:30-9:30pm. Meet at the park at 7:30pm. Bring a flashlight, a water bottle, all of your friends (this will be WAY more fun with more people), and be ready to run and hide! See you Wednesday!… Continue Reading

  • Spend Easter With Us

    We invite you to spend Easter with us! Come celebrate the day that changed the world. 10:00 am Center Pointe Church currently gathers at the Old High School, 119 S. Preston St., Centerburg

  • Day 19 in the Lent Challenge

    Read Mark 4:10-20. Share your answers to the following questions: What types of soil are the seeds of the Gospel sown on? What types of soil are the seeds of the Gospel NOT sown on?

  • Day 18 in the Lent Challenge

    By now, we are beginning to see clearly that God’s Gospel is a lot bigger than our normal Christian experience. And we need each other to integrate COMMUNION, COMMUNITY and MISSION. Then the Kingdom will become tangible. So what’s stopping us? It’s clear that the biggest hindrance is really our own hearts. Surprisingly, our struggles… Continue Reading

  • Day 17 in the Lent Challenge

    Looking back at the scriptures for a few day ago (Isaiah 61:1-4; Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 4:16-22), we are challenged by Jesus describing his own mission in very practical, concrete terms. While our ministry efforts often focus on getting people to convert to Christianity, he seems to be much more interested in helping them with what… Continue Reading