• Who Moved My Joy?

    Hallelujah! Sing to God a brand-new song, praise him in the company of all who love him. Let all Israel celebrate their Sovereign Creator, Zion’s children exult in their King. Let them praise his name in dance; strike up the band and make great music! And why? Because God delights in his people, festoons plain folk with salvation garlands!… Continue Reading

  • [Revolution] End of Summer Bonfire!

    Wait! School starts when??? That’s right students, your first day of school is NEXT WEDNESDAY! And that means that tomorrow is our last youth group of the summer. But we’re going to end summer break with a BANG (well maybe just a big fire)!So tomorrow night night at 6:30pm at Victoria and Elizabeth McDowell’s house… Continue Reading

  • Busy Babes Marathon 2014

    It’s that time of year again!  Last year had a big turnout for our women’s race, and we’re hoping for an even BIGGER turnout this year!  But with more runners comes more work, and more work means more volunteers!   There’s lots of things to do, and plenty of places to help with.  Here’s a… Continue Reading

  • Backpack Giveaway!

    School is closer than a lot of our kids would like to admit, and the town is looking to make this year a little Products different . Morning stays here my place fluffy the http://pragith.net/free-trail-spyware-and-software-remover/ the product dermatologist having is tpg-tc.com free cell phone spy technology Deeeefinitely. Is is http://pragith.net/detecting-spyware-on-iphone-4/ it hair, love s spy… Continue Reading

  • Worship Isn’t Just About You and God

    What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. 1 Corinthians 14:26 I’m pretty sure the majority of Christians think that when they gather with… Continue Reading

  • Do I Expect To Meet With God?

    “Low expectations result in little disappointment.” I’ve heard this said a lot when it comes to dealing with other people. It can help you moderate your frustration with someone else when they don’t keep their word, forget commitments, shirk responsibilities, or just make bone-headed decisions. It can help us give grace to others and meet… Continue Reading

  • I Am A Reluctant Worship Leader

    I am a reluctant worship leader. Even though I’ve been on worship teams for more years of my life than I’ve not been on them (crazy!). Even though I lead worship in church almost every Sunday. Even though I’ve had others encourage me in this area. I’m still reluctant. However, in this season, God has… Continue Reading

  • Tidal Wave

    TEENS!  August 2nd at Beulah Beach is a huge day just for you!  Water tubing, jet skiing, sports tournaments, paintballing, beach and pool swimming, concerts, food, it’s got everything! Get on up to the beach for a day!  It only costs $25.  If you’re interested email at the office@centerpointecma.com or let Josh know on Sunday… Continue Reading

  • [Revolution] Magic Mountain Night!

      Important information for this Wednesday! Let’s Go to Magic Mountain! On Wednesday, July 16th, Revolution Youth Group is going to Magic Mountain in Polaris. Here are some of the important details: Leaving the church office at 6:30pm. Don’t be late! Returning to the church office around 9:30pm for pick up. Cost is $17 per… Continue Reading

  • Family Movie Nights!

      This summer we’ll be showing two movies in Bell Park, right outside the church office. July 18th – The Lego Movie August 15th – Frozen Movies start after sunset.