• Spend Easter With Us

    We invite you to spend Easter with us! Come celebrate the day that changed the world. 10:00 am Center Pointe Church currently gathers at the Old High School, 119 S. Preston St., Centerburg

  • Day 19 in the Lent Challenge

    Read Mark 4:10-20. Share your answers to the following questions: What types of soil are the seeds of the Gospel sown on? What types of soil are the seeds of the Gospel NOT sown on?

  • Day 18 in the Lent Challenge

    By now, we are beginning to see clearly that God’s Gospel is a lot bigger than our normal Christian experience. And we need each other to integrate COMMUNION, COMMUNITY and MISSION. Then the Kingdom will become tangible. So what’s stopping us? It’s clear that the biggest hindrance is really our own hearts. Surprisingly, our struggles… Continue Reading

  • Day 17 in the Lent Challenge

    Looking back at the scriptures for a few day ago (Isaiah 61:1-4; Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 4:16-22), we are challenged by Jesus describing his own mission in very practical, concrete terms. While our ministry efforts often focus on getting people to convert to Christianity, he seems to be much more interested in helping them with what… Continue Reading

  • Day 16 in the Lent Challenge

    Gaining a more accurate understanding of the Gospel may require that we do some rebuilding. We’ll begin with the basic DNA of the Kingdom. Just like you can’t make a cookie without some basics like flour, sugar and butter, the Kingdom won’t become tangible without inclusive community, communion with God and mission to others. Communion represents those things that build… Continue Reading

  • Day 15 of the Lent Challenge

    Read the following passages: Isaiah 61:1-4, Matthew 9:35-38 and Luke 4:16-22. In these passages, we see the need for a bigger understanding of the Gospel. In the words and actions of Jesus, we see him bringing fulfillment to God’s promise of redemption and hope. Share your answers to the following questions: How do you think… Continue Reading

  • Why it’s hard to go back

    In February, I joined a CrossFit box. I’d tried the gym thing before and the personal exercise program thing before and, well, just about everything else before. But I wanted to get in better shape, and I had heard a lot of really positive things about CrossFit from others. Also, the challenge of difficult workouts… Continue Reading

  • Day 14 in the Lent Challenge

    The definition of the word gospel is “good news.” It’s a simple word for something BIG. In fact, the Gospel that Jesus talked about was so big that he had to give people many different teachings and practical examples. His Gospel was about a new Kingdom that would change everything about a person, their community, and… Continue Reading

  • So I’m a big loser

    So I’m a big loser. Not a big shocker for anyone there. But I’ve basically been out of town for the last 2 weeks and realized a few days into being away that the Lent Challenge wasn’t posting and sending right! Boo! So I’m sorry. Will you forgive me? I’ll right the ship today and… Continue Reading

  • Day 13 in the Lent Challenge

    You guys have been AWESOME this week! I’ve been hearing stories of the ways that God is speaking to us and how he is revealing some deep areas in our hearts that need “tweaked.” Today, I just want you to spend time reading and reflecting on Psalm 22. These ancient words were written long before… Continue Reading