Growth Pointe – Roots
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Growth Pointe – Roots

Uncovering Eight Essential Beliefs and Behaviors

Roots will begin Tuesday night, April 18th and go to June 20th. Roots is a great course to take if you are searching to know more about Christ and his life, if you are wanting to learn more about what Center Pointe church is all about, or if you are wanting to become a Servant Partner at Center Pointe. Wherever you are in your journey, Roots is great course to help you down the road!

Week #1 The Good Tree

What Is the Bible?

Week #2 The Bible

It’s all about Jesus
God’s Holiness

Week #3 The Trinity & Creation

The Book of Genesis Overview part 1 of 2

Week #4 Mankind & The Fall

Jesus – our Savior
Lone Voice
The Messiah

Week #5 The Person and Work of Jesus Christ

Jesus – our Sanctifier
Encounter With God
Holy Spirit

Week #6 The Holy Spirit & the Christian Life

Jesus – our Healer
Rise Up and Walk
Baptisms @ Center Pointe

Week #7 Christian Living – Baptism

Life. Money. Hope. 1
Life. Money. Hope. 2
Life. Money. Hope. 3

Week #8 Christian Living – Financial Stewardship

We Are The C&MA

Week #9 The Church

Jesus – Our Coming King
The King Is Coming

Week #10 Celebration


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